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So many fun bike and yoga things this weekend!

The world of bikes and yoga are in full force this weekend. I am really excited to participated in all of these great events. Hopefully I will see you this weekend, either on the mat, riding or maybe even both!

Park(ing) Day, Friday Sept 17th

Park(ing)  Day is an international movement to reclaim the streets and parking lots by reclaiming space for cars and turning it into space for people. I am so excited about this project and am excited to announce that I will be hosting Yoga at the Central Park in Capitol Hill this Friday. Central park is on the corner of Belmont & Pine and festivities will run from 9am-8pm.

‘Triple Thread’ Fun-raiser for Yoga Behind Bars

A unique yoga event at Seattle’s Century Ballroom. Scheduled for Saturday, September 18th from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM, incorporating three all-levels yoga classes led by the area’s top yoga instructors.

Attendees of the Triple Thread Event are invited to attend individual classes or stay for the entire event. Classes begin at 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00 and no registration is necessary.

The Century Ballroom is located at 915 E. Pine St. in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

For more info: www.socializr.com/event/yogabehindbars/triplethread.

Yocycle Ride Sunday 11am

Here is the map of the ride. We will do yoga in both covered locations.

It may be fall weather outside, but that won’t stop us. Meet us at point C at 11am and we will start with a half-hour of yoga to warm us up. Then we will ride over I-90 and see a bit of Mercer Island and do a little more yoga. Bring your own mat and we will carry it for you in a bike trailer. Best of all, YoCycle Rides are Free so Bring a Friend!

For more info on YoCycle check out our website here!