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Celebrate May the Fremont Way

Fremont Village festival is going to be amazing! There will be food and festivities galore this coming Saturday in the Fremont Village, the north part of the hill including the BF Day School to Fremont Peak Park. The Fremont Abbey will be the main hub of activities. The Woodland Park Zoo will also unveil the new Meerkat Exhibit!  So hop on your bike and say, ¨Hello to Spring!¨

Playing with Yoga at Fremont Peak Park

Balanced tree

Stretch out halfway up the hill

Yoga for cyclists is just the thing to help increase flexibility and balance your body after riding up big hills like Fremont. This engaging yoga class focuses on loosening up leg muscles and opening hips, while leaving your body balanced and open. We will incorporate aspects of several yoga traditions, blending vinyasas, static poses and breathing. All levels welcome.

$8 for drop-in

$30 for four-punch card

Yoga Instructor: Kelli Refer (e-mail her)

At the Fremont Abbey Arts Center (map)

Fridays 9:15 – 10:30 a.m.