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Affordable Yoga

When money is tight it can be hard to justify spending money on yoga classes. Feeling broke or frustrated with job hunts increases the general amount of stress, and that stress manifests in the form of pain in the body. Yoga offers itself as a practice that can help you release that stress and give you mental clarity to help you better deal with all the stressful situations in your life.

As a yoga teacher, I want to provide yoga to all people who want it. It is important for me to teach at places that are affordable. For instance a drop in class at the Garfield community center is $9, compared to some studios where one class can be anywhere from $15-$18. Anytime Fitness in Fremont also ends up being a great deal too. Membership for the gym is $44 a month, offering 5 yoga classes a week, other classes and all the  gym stuff too. To check it out free for a week click here.

At the Fremont Abbey things are even more flexible.  I offer classes at a sliding scale around $10. If even those options are a little pricey, I love bartering and trading talents.

If you are interested in developing a daily practice I would love to help you come up with one that works for you. I would discuss what you need, for instance a thirty minute series in the morning or something like that, then I would lead you through the series. After the lesson I can write out and draw your series with a few notes so you are prepared to practice on your own. Please email me if interested mail to: yogaforbikers@gmail.com.

Also, in the next few weeks I am going to start free yoga at Fremont Peak Park…stay tuned!

Celebrate May the Fremont Way

Fremont Village festival is going to be amazing! There will be food and festivities galore this coming Saturday in the Fremont Village, the north part of the hill including the BF Day School to Fremont Peak Park. The Fremont Abbey will be the main hub of activities. The Woodland Park Zoo will also unveil the new Meerkat Exhibit!  So hop on your bike and say, ¨Hello to Spring!¨

Yoga For Two Workshop May 1st @Fremont Abbey

As apart of the 2nd annual Fremont Village Festival May 1st I will be offering another (much requested) yoga for two workshop.

Head over to the Fremont Abbey with a friend on May 1st from 12:30 to 2pm in the Great Hall for a fun Yoga for Two workshop. You and your partner will play and laugh, all while increasing strength and flexibility. Partner poses can help deepen trust and open up new parts of the body. With the help of your friend you can find new support in balancing poses. We will also explore aiding you in deep relaxation with restorative poses near the end of class. This is an all levels class, especially welcoming to beginners.

Then After Yoga for Two you can stick around for the rest of the Fremont Village Festival, a springtime neighborhood festival celebrating local food and arts for ALL ages!

Kari and I playing with Yoga for Two poses at Fremont Peak Park

WHERE: FREMONT VILLAGE is the neighborhood at “the peak of the universe” on Fremont Avenue from BF Day to the Zoo with a hub at Fremont Abbey Arts Center on 43rd and stretching over to Peak Park on the ridge.

The Festival will feature a wide array of Fremont’s local talents and attractions, including the Meerkat exhibit opening at Woodland Park Zoo. There will be face painting, craft workshops, dancing, local music. It will basically embody everything awesome that is this quirky neighborhood. It will also be a great build up for the Fremont Solstice Parade. I may even be doing Animal Yoga with kids surrounded by bubbles if I can borrow The Hoot Hoot’s bubble machine…