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YoCycle Updates & Give Away

Important Update

The Basics workshop has evolved into a different class, now called Tips & Tricks,  Saturday July 2nd from 10am-1pm.

Class begins in a lovely shelter*, point “c” on the map, along the I-90 bike trail where we will learn a few tips for maintaining  your body and your bike. Then we will hop on our bicycles and cross the I-90 bridge to another park on Mercer Island, point “b” on the map. At the second location we will have a full yoga class and learn more bike tricks. The workshop, yoga and ride are $39 if you pre-register before the day. We also are having a give away of a Mechanic’s Tool Bag from our wonderful sponsors & friends at Swift Industries for the first 2 folks to register for the Tips & Tricks class.

Mechanic Bags from Swift Industries

*Does anyone know the name of the Gazebo there? I want to know more about it.

We will also be giving away 4 mechanic bags to people who register for The Commuter Class on Saturday July 25th at 10am!

The Commuter Class features a conversation with a bike lawyer to educate commuters about cyclists’ rights and responsibilities. Then during our ride we will practice stoplight yoga and maybe even drawbridge yoga. Finally we will practice roadside repair. Workshop is $39, ride route will be announced after you register.

Organizer pockets on the inside

Also, I want to mention a wonderful project that Swift Industries is putting together called Tough & Tender, a literary and photographic project to celebrate women’s experience of the bicycle. Women (as defined by the individual to be female bodied and/or female identified) can submit a self-portrait with your bicycle and write 500 words. Submissions are due by July 30th. You are also entered to win 15% off your next Swift Industries order. Learn more here.

Awesome Organization: Yoga Behind Bars

Here is a new segment highlighting awesome organizations in the Pacific Northwest. First up is Yoga Behind Bars, a non-profit dedicated to offering yoga classes to incarcerated adults and youth. The gifts of yoga are particularly valuable for incarcerated people. Here are a few words from organization founder, Shaina Traisman:

Our organization believes that punishment and incarceration alone does not effectively re-route negative behavior. It is the mission of Yoga Behind Bars to teach inmates skills for deepening their capacity for self awareness, inner growth, and social responsibility.

There is significant research to prove that yoga is helpful at reducing the stress of inmates, lowering re-incarceration rates, as well as aiding in therapy to treat addictions. You can read more about the benefits of the program here.

Yoga Behind bars could also use your support! Donate here, shop their store here or volunteer here.

Bikes are Beautiful: One Night Celebration

I have been noticing the Bikes are Beautiful posters scattered around town and finally checked out their website.

The event celebrates bike culture and sounds like a lot of fun. There will be silk screening of cool bike positive patches (just bring your own fabric), Bike films and DJs. They also note:

Bikes are not mandatory but spontaneous parading up and down Ballard Avenue is encouraged.

Here are the details: April 10th from 6pm-2am hosted by The Viking Fire Foundry located at 4710 Ballard Ave

I will sadly be out of town, but all of you should go so we all can celebrate bike culture all of the time!