What is a yoga + bike adventure anyway?

It is less than one week until I take off for my Pedal, Stretch, Breathe book tour. Among the events I am holding are Yoga + Bike Adventures, a chance to really practice integrating yoga with bike riding.

What is a Yoga + Bike Adventure? Good question, let break it down a little bit:findyourflowchart

Warm Up

We start with a mat-free yoga practice that involves a few simple postures threaded together with deep breathing. This is a simple practice that allows you to check in with your body and loosen up a little bit before you head out on the road. This is inspired by the “Find Your Flow Chart” found in Pedal, Stretch, Breathe.

Grab Your Bicycle

Take a moment to grab your bicycle and test out how to use it as a prop to help you balance, twist and stretch out. On our yoga bike adventures I ask participants to pay attention to there surroundings, notice the sounds you hear as you ride and find a rhythm with your breathing and pedaling. On our tour we will be exploring some really beautiful places.

In Corvallis we will ride from Eco Fusion Fitness to Avery Park, where we will stop and smell the roses. Rumor has it that Corvallis has better bike infrastructure than Portland…so you know I am super excited to check it out.

Yoga Adventure in Seattle Roanoke Park

Yoga Adventure in Seattle Roanoke Park

In Olympia we explore the great bike trails nearby Wild Grace Arts. We will stop for a moment to practice a few poses and take in the beauty of Olympia.

In Port Angeles we will begin our adventure at Kula Yoga Studio and then bike along the Olympic Discovery trail and do yoga on the beach. Yoga, bike rides along the water…can life really get any better?


After our adventure taking yoga out of the studio and on to the bike path, we will return to the studio with the comfort of walls, mats, blankets and straps to move into some of my very favorite restorative postures for cyclists. These poses are great if you are feeling lazy  after a long ride and will help all that tight stuff unwind.


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