For the Long Haul: On Carrying Cargo

Cargo Truck

This is the Truck. A magical bike co-owned by Tom (@Seabikeblog) & Danny (@DCfish). It has a cycle truck conversion on the front and an extracycle on the back.

In my day to day life there are moments when I need to carry groceries, garden supplies and other stuff. Recently as a Bicycle Ambassador, I’ve gotten into carrying a tent, a table and tons of bike maps. So I thought it might be fun to show off a variety of set ups that I’ve tried.

First and foremost, I have to say I am super lucky, because I don’t actually own a trailer for my bike, but somehow I seem to have access to a huge variety. Thanks to all the people who have lent me trailers and trucks and to the innovative people who make the best haulin’ bikes.

If you ride your bike a lot and have stuff to carry it is essential to get panniers. Okay, maybe not essential but they’ll make your life a hell of a lot easier. I am a Swift Industries fan because I love color, functionality and rad local businesses. The photo below shows off the packing power of my Roll Top Panniers. I’ve taken them photo(11)camping, to meetings and to the grocery store. I use the one with backpack conversion far more often than the one for errands because it is easier to carry by foot.

The photo above is of me with the much loved Truck after an exciting trip to City People’s Garden Store. The truck was built mostly by my friend Danny who found the frame of the bike by a dumpster. He rescued it and transformed it into a polo bike first. Eventually Tom and Danny decided to go in together to convert the bike into a truck with a conversion done by Haulin’ Colin. The front wheel is small and the front rack is anchored to the frame rather than the fork, making it easy to handle large loads. The bike was cool at that point. One day, not too long ago, Tom and I were walking by 20/20 bike shop and the Extracycle bike dropped in price. It was time to take the truck to the next level by adding the long tail. This bike can haul three adults, or an adult and a bike. The form is versatile, so you can haul just about anything in any shape. To me the most magical part is that I can actually ride it and it is comfortable and fun.

The trailer I am using in the photo on the right is on loan from Cascade Bicycle Club. It is shared between the bike ambassadors. It is easy to hitch up on a variety of bicycles, which is so useful since it is passed between many people and bikes. It fits the table and tent really well, with room to strap down additional things. The Burley trailer is totally functional and handles easily.

One other trailer Iphoto(16) used to haul things around is this big red one that is used by my friends over at Fork & Frame. It is one big trailer that is meant for carrying big awkward shaped loads. This trailer is lent to many friends to help move stuff. It can carry dressers, tables and even a Queen Size Mattress! Whenever I use this trailer though, I put everything I need to haul and it looks small and dwarfed compared to the trailer. I also have a really nice granny gear, so I actually don’t mind hauling big old trailers up hills. But I gotta say, when I made it up from the Olympic sculpture Garden to the very top of Capitol Hill on a hot spring day, I totally let out a big, “fuck yeah!” cause that was a long haul!

One response to “For the Long Haul: On Carrying Cargo

  1. So much to carry and be carried! And way better than a car.

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