May is Bike Month: See You On the Bike Path Soon!

May is Bike Month

Bike Ambassador Team

Bike Ambassador Team

I will be participating in the Commute Challenge on the Cascade Bicycle Ambassador team. Brian is a our team leader and will motivate me to actually track my mileage, which in all my years of commuting I have never actually done. I usually care more about the flowers that I ride by than I care about how far I go. But I’ve always been curious on how many miles I actually ride in a given week…I will keep you posted! Also, I’ve been really getting a kick out of learning people’s commute team names. My friend Ellie, who works over at Adobe is the captain of Ridin’ Nerdy! Please share your team names in the comments. Commute Challenge Card

Along with the commute challenge there will be events on Bike to School & Bike to Work day plus variety of Energizer Stations throughout the Puget Sound Region. An Energizer Station is a pop-up bike resource center, that the bike ambassadors fuel…sometimes we even have snacks! For the month of May we will be giving away special prizes for folks who are participating in the commute challenge. All you need is your flashy spoke card that I have pictured. Either attach the card to the back of the saddle or place in spokes! On the back are instructions on how to fix a flat tire.

Adventure Flow: Saturday May 25th, 1:30-3pm
The Grinning Yogi

To celebrate bike to work month, this unique workshop explores the connections between yoga and bike riding.

We will begin with a short warm-up at The Grinning Yogi. Then we will go an adventure out of the studio for a 4 mile bike ride, on the most scenic roads in Capitol Hill. After returning from our ride we will take a cue from the Chilling flow class and practice restorative postures that balance your body after bike riding.

Yoga + biking = bliss

*Your own bike helmet required
Please wear clothing that is comfortable for yoga, biking and the weather of the day.

Investment: $20
Saturday May 25th 1:30 – 3pm
Class will not be cancelled due to rain!

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