Speak Your Truth: Satya

Not to get all existential, but how do we know the truth?

We lie to ourselves all of the time, telling ourselves half truths and false stories. We insist that we are not strong enough to ride a bike all the way to work or that we will never be able to touch our toes. I would like to think that our personal truth, instead of being stationary, changes and evolves like our bodies do. Then low and behold a few days, weeks, months or years later we realize hey, I can do that. What I thought was true, that story I told myself for years, that was a lie.

We live in a car culture. That is a current truth. But we can look at history to remind ourselves that the world ran without cars. I’d like to think we can shift away from being so car oriented. I have come to realize that cars are not going to disappear completely. But as I bike on the road and create space for more folks to hop on their bikes and join me, we will transform our cities and towns. We are creating a bike movement that shifts us in a more sustainable direction. That is my truth.

There are all of these myths around biking, like that it is hard or that you need a lot specific gear. It is time to correct these myths and speak the truth. Particularly, your own personal truth. Tell people your story about riding on the roads. Give voice to your experiences. The more we speak up about the importance of health and happiness, the more we can change push forward a new truth.

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