Winter Solstice Ritual

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice (if you want to get really technical 3:12 AM PST), a wonderful and powerful time of year. It may be a bit challenging to keep all of your bike light batteries charged and gloves dry, but there is still much to be thankful for. I wanted to share with you all a simple ritual that can help celebrate the return of light.

Gather with close family or friends around a fireplace or pit (a candle will do in a pinch). Enjoy the warmth and light provided by the fire. Take a moment to reflect on the past year and write whatever it is you are ready to let go of on a small piece of paper and offer it into the fire. Take a moment of silence.
Another way to celebrate is by making collages- as a visual reminder of goals and desires you would like to

see manifest in the coming year. It is a lovely way to use old cards, calendars, and magazines.

Close the ritual with a round of Gratitude, where each person has a moment to speak to what they are thankful.

Class Notes

  • There will be class Saturday 12/29 10:30 am @ Denali Fitness
  • New community Hatha class @ Home Yoga Tuesday 9:45 am $5 Drop-In (great for beginners)
  • Still Groovin’ over at The Grinning Yogi, plus the studio has a blog! Check it out here.






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