Healthy Hamstrings With The Help of Hanuman Workshop 10/7

Oct, 7th 2012
3 – 4:30 pm

at Home Yoga

315 1st Ave. W, Seattle, WA 98119


Workshop includes:

Handout on the myth and  anatomy of hamstrings
Warming flow followed by time to sink into deep hamstring openers and eventually working towards a supported splits, or Hanumanasana

To Register for the class please call (206) 270-9642

Inspired by legends Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god who jumped across the sea, we will open up hamstrings finding greater flexibility. In this hour and a half workshop we will practice the patience it takes to open even the deepest layers of muscle. Releasing tight hamstrings lessens the chance for injury and can even ease low back pain. After a warming flow we will explore deep hamstring openers. And maybe, just maybe, you too will find the opening needed to jump across the sea in Hanumanasana, also known as the splits. This workshop is open to all levels of yoga practitioners.

As an everyday bike rider I notice that the backs of my legs really need a little extra attention. Sometimes holding deep hamstring stretches and hips can hurt, that is where the fun of a little mythology can help us out! Hanuman can offer us both guidance and inspiration as we dive into the story and the pose of this delightful monkey god.

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