Weekend Recap in Pictures- camping + cylce the WAVE

I spent this past weekend taking a much needed bike camping trip with Tom of Seattle Bike Blog and my friend Danny. On Friday we biked out to Tolt McDonald State Park, about a 45 mile ride. We settled down by the river. In the morning the fog was heavy and the trees looked very Autumnal.

On Sunday morning we made the trek to Issaquah for the Cycle the Wave ride. It  was a great bike ride about 14 miles and we took some lovely, windy, hilly back roads. We finally landed at the high school where the event was in full swing.

Above I am standing with my brand new banner (homemade by the way)! As riders finished up I offered a mat-less yoga flow. Below we are practicing cat-cow breath in chair pose. This not only feels good for the spine, but also helps you stay in fierce pose a little longer than you might usually. Fierce pose is one of my favorite poses because it strengthens your quads, so you can keep on pedaling strong.

Other highlights involved connecting with people who I know through the virtual world into meeting them in person. I also had the chance to reconnect with an old student from when I was teaching back at the Fremont Abbey.

Our bike ride home from the event was pretty nice. The 1-90 trail is not nearly as scenic as those back country roads that ride by farms and forest, but ya know I am so thankful that I can just hop on my bike and go far.

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