Cycle the WAVE Sunday (Women Against Violence Everywhere)

The Cycle the WAVE ride is Sunday. Today is the last day for online registration ($75) or you can register the day of ($85) You can also support this awesome organization without doing the ride:  donate here!

In 2011, through Cycle the WAVE $100,000 of critical funding was donated to agencies serving Washington’s King County communities: Eastside Domestic Violence Program (now Lifewire), DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women’s Network) and New Beginnings.

Raising awareness about Domestic violence has been a very important cause for me ever since college where I volunteered at a safe house for women and children. It was my first encounter with a Take Back the Night rally, the theme for the evening was survivor. One of the tasks for set up was to tape little palm trees and coconuts onto the wall. Each cut out had an age written on it, the coconuts represented children and the palm trees represented women who had been served by the safe house in the past year. The youngest child was an infant only a few days old and the oldest an 87 year old woman. In total there were well over 600 people who were aided by this one small organization in rural Illinois in one year. That moment broke my heart. It was that same event that set me on a path towards feminism.

Ahimsa, or compassion for all living things, is the the very first precept of the Yamas which are guidelines for yogis to follow on a spiritual path. It is this quest to actively bring peace and compassion to ourselves, our families and our communities. There is a very real need to support people as they leave violent and abusive situations. It is challenging work, but we can all do our part. Raising awareness, taking personal accountability and donating to organizations in money or time is part of that process of healing.  I am honored to be joining this event and offering some post-ride yoga to all of the amazing cyclists participating in this fundraiser.

Here is the video for the event:

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