Seattle loves Portland!

Last weekend I spent some quality time in Portland. To get to Portland, Tom (of Seattle Bike Blog) and I took the Amtrak train, which was a little buerocratic, a little bit late and maybe a teeny tiny bit more comfortable than the bolt bus. I did enjoy getting to be social with other folks who brought bikes on the train…in fact one person even bought a copy of my little book right then and there.

First on the agenda when we arrived to PDX was to celebrate the release of Pedal, Stretch, Breathe at Velo Cult. After reading an excerpt from the little book, I demonstrated a few poses that you can do with your bike and answered questions. It was great to chat with the people who were there and make good connections. Perhaps I will have to team up with a yoga studio in Portland to do a workshop similar to the one I am hosting in Seattle on Sept. 9th…

This was my third visit to Portland since moving to the Pacific Northwest and I feel like I finally have a grasp on the city. The quadrants definitely make it easy and following sharrows on the streets made it so we didn’t need a bike map and seldom had to use the smart phone to make our way to places.

Everywhere I went it seemed there were some Seattle connections to Portland. My friends, The Hoot Hoots were also playing a show in Portland at the all ages venue Backspace with a few other great local Seattle Bands. They claimed their mini tour was a battle between Seattle & Portland, but I would argue the relationship between the two cities is less battle and a little more crush.

Portland I think your easy to navigate bike greenways are swell and am intoxicated by the rose gardens. I am a bit envious of bars in bike shops and how cheap everything is without sales tax.  But then again I miss the sweeping vistas that Seattle’s hills offer and the density of Capitol Hill. Instead of a rivalry, I think we should just do a bit more cross-pollinating. After realizing how cheap and easy the Bolt bus is, I am ready to book my next trip the rose city.

One response to “Seattle loves Portland!

  1. I’m going to your workshop! I can’t wait. I’d go for the Amtrak next time even just for that ‘tiny bit’ more comfort. Bolt bus was horrible :/

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