Move your body every day

Happy Bike to Work day everyone! It is great to see public health and community action working together. I asked my friend who studies Public Health at UW about what she felt was the most important thing to cultivate better overall public health. Without hesitation she responded that 30 minutes of exercise per day helps maintain health and emotional well being and we need to get more people moving. It’s true that moving our bodies not only helps our muscles but also our brain. It is also true that reducing pollution has positive impact on our cardiovascular health.  So what seems like a great way to reduce pollution and get people moving?…You guessed it! Ride your bike! So use your brain, your body and your breath and ride all around today.

I will save my full write up on breath for you to read in Pedal, Stretch, Breathe. Donate today to our kickstarter campaign here and score your copy of the zine.

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