Dates for Spring Classes, Rides & Surprises

Spring always seems to be a hectic time. Maybe it is because I abandon winter hibernation mode and get into high gear. I am excited for this weekend’s Pedaler’s Fair. I will be teaching four workshops throughout the weekend, where I will demonstrate essential yoga poses for warming-up for and recovering from  bike rides. I will also be launching the super secret project I have been working on with Elly Blue of Taking the Lane Media.

I also started to set up some great summer plans. Yoga + Bike rides are back!

Yoga + Bike Rides for Spring/ Summer 2012

11am meet in Cal Anderson Park
11:30 Pedal, Stretch & Breathe

Sundays: May 6
th June 10th  July 8th

This spring I started subbing a lot more yoga classes Recently I have been teaching classes at Live, Love, Flow, Lila Yoga and on Bainbridge Island for Christina of Let Loose Yoga. It is always interesting to sub yoga classes because most of the time you have no idea what to expect. Honestly, I get a little nervous before I sub a class for the first time. It is kinda like a first date, where you wonder if students will like your teaching style or sequencing. Subbing requires you to be particularly present as a teacher, since you have no idea who is a regular student, or  how to work the stereo and other such little details. But I am also getting more comfortable with not knowing, be open to whatever is going to come up. It is nice to embrace surprise…it really helps me go with the flow!

I also have started teaching the cycle classes at Live, Love, Flow studio on 12th & Cherry. It has been interesting to translate my outdoor cycling experience onto a stationary bike. Instead of going through this journey through space, I take a journey inside to all the physical sensations of moving my body. One of my favorite aspects of doing the cycle classes is the ability to shut my eyes and just feel my body pedal…something that is a bit risky to do while riding in traffic. I am also completely in love with the cycle + flow classes at LLF! It is a great way to cultivate strength and speed followed by a delightful dose of stretching after. Before the Streets & Beets ride I took a lot of the cycle + flow classes and really felt my endurance and strength increase. I am going to get my official spin class certification in the next few months. I will be able to bring even more expertise to my yoga for bikers offerings. Stay tuned!

Upcoming classes I am covering:

4/19- 9am-11am Cycle + Yoga Flow & 11:30 am Cycle class at Live, Love, Flow
4/24- 5:45 pm Cycle class at Live, Love, Flow
4/26- 5:45 pm Cycle class at Live, Love, Flow
4/29-  9:30 am Yoga at Denali Fitness in Madison Park

I will do my best to keep you posted on when and where I am teaching classes. Follow me on twitter @yogaforbikers

With all this growth and expansion, something has to go. I will no longer be teaching at the Garfield Community Center on Tuesday & Thursday Evenings. I am very thankful for the chance to teach many great students and classes at the community center.

Be sure to check out my updated Class Offerings.

See you on the mat or bike path soon!


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