Pedal, Stretch, Breathe: a zine about bicycling and yoga

You may have wondered about that secret project I mentioned here. Well the veil is lifted and I am proud announce that the newest zine published by Taking the Lane Media will be written and drawn by me. After drawing some bike comics featured in “Our Bodies, Our Bikes” (Taking the Lane vol. 5 ) and getting encouragement from Elly, I decided to make a whole zine on bikes and yoga.

Before we can go to print, the zine needs funding. That is where Kickstarter comes in! Please help support this project so this fun publication can be stowed away in a pannier pocket near you!

About the zine:

If you’re a bicyclist who’s curious about yoga (or just about why your hips feel so tight after a long ride) or a yoga practitioner who’s curious about cycling, you’ll enjoy this small book. In a friendly, accessible voice, Kelli brings together the details with the big picture.Breathing techniques, hamstring stretches, Seattle’s bike infrastructure and urban gardening movement, the science of particulate pollution, and the broad philosophical metaphors of yogic teaching all tie together convincingly in ways you never expected.

I am particularly excited to share my “Find your flow…chart,” which helps you develop a bike yoga routine and bicycle chakras.

I highly recommend giving $15 or more so you can score the Body-Awareness Bicycling Pack. It includes a copy of Pedal, Stretch, Breathe; Our Bodies, Our Bikes (TTL vol 5)  and Bike-sexuality (TTl vol 7). Thank you all for your help and support!


2 responses to “Pedal, Stretch, Breathe: a zine about bicycling and yoga

  1. Will you do all the writing yourself or collaborate with others?

    • The zine is all written by me. Although who knows…maybe I will do another zine that is collaborative in the future.

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