What makes you warm-up before a ride?

Some time ago I decided to purchase the Wheel of Yoga for Cyclists: Pre- & Post- ride practices dvd off of Amazon. Recently I rediscovered this DVD and decided to watch and do the whole thing. It is a fact that every yoga dvd will be a little bit cheesy.* Despite its bad menu music, this one offers some very helpful stretches. I really like that David Moreno gives clear and mindful directions at a pace you can actually keep up with and follow along to. The focus on joints is nice too, especially the arms and upper body.

Anyway, this DVD is great if you have a yoga mat and some time before you do a long distance ride. But I started to wonder if this pre-ride practice is helpful in your day to day life? I am an impatient person and sometimes I just want to hop on my bike and ride. I think a lot of people are like that. They are probably not going to roll out a mat for 15 minute of gentle stretches before they bike to work. (This would be an awesome practice to have, and serious props to you if you do that.)  I know I am probably not going to do that.

What I want to cultivate in my own daily life is a short standing series of yoga that I do before I leave the house. I have been incorporating more ritual into my life. A pre-ride yoga practice that uses my bike as a prop is a little bit more my style.

My question to you, cyclists and yogis when do you warm up before you go on a bike ride? Do you have a pre-ride ritual or favorite stretch? Please share in the comments.

***I am sure my own yoga videos have a little bit of cheese grated on top…I can’t help it I once worked at Beecher’s.

One response to “What makes you warm-up before a ride?

  1. This is great! I’m going to check out the DVD. I USED to get up early to do 20 minutes of my favorite Yoga Zone DVD in the mornings, although for the last several months that practice has gone the way of the dodo. Maybe this will inspire me to start again. I bike to work most days, so this would be very, very useful. Thanks!

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