Finished a long bike ride? Try this yoga pose.

Sometimes after a bike ride when I have arrived at my destination it is easy to forget to stretch. Especially after long rides it is important to take a moment and honor the effort your body used to get you where you are now. Take a moment to get your feet on the ground. Take a deep breath and admire your new surroundings. If you do just one pose after a bike ride consider doing a wide legged-forward bend, or in sanskrit Praserita Padottanasana.

  • Start with a wide stance, check your feet to make sure toes face forward
  • Stand up tall and interlace your fingers behind your back, extend your arms squeezing your shoulder blades together
  • Hinge at your hips, keep a micro-bend in your knees
  • Let the weight move to the front of your feet, without gripping into your toes
  • Keep shoulders moving away from the ears
  • Gaze stays to the ground so your cervical spine (back of neck) is in alignment with the rest of your spine
  • Breathe deep into the back of your body, this pose opens the back of your legs, especially the hamstrings

I love this pose because it offers a great stretch in the legs and opens the heart. It is a simple standing pose and your hamstrings will be thankful if you stay here for at least five breaths. For all you folks participating in Streets & Beets this weekend, I recommend that you take a few minutes at our halfway point in Auburn and back in Seattle to try out this pose. Today is the last day to donate to the Streets and Beets Ride to support Urban Farming so donate here now.

2 responses to “Finished a long bike ride? Try this yoga pose.

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  2. Ooh! That looks awesome!
    I have to say, my shoulder do tend to be super tight in front. (I’m also a rock climber and this is also side effect of climbing) I’m always trying to open up my shoulders. Love the standing straddle/hamstring combo (:

    just discovered you via family ride
    I LOVE yoga, it’s changed my life.

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