Want to ride your bike faster?

Legs up the bike map

Rest and Relax after long rides! Recovery is an important part of the process of getting stronger and faster. When you catch your breath, you enable your cells to repair and reinvigorate your body. So the next time you ride you can go farther and go faster. One of my favorite yoga poses to do after a long day of teaching yoga and cycling around the city is Legs up the wall pose. It is pretty simple and only requires an area to lie down on the floor and put your legs up the wall.*

What makes this pose great is that gravity does all the work for you. Your hamstrings slowly loosen up and you do not have to balance or strain at all. Put a blanket under the entire length of your your spine to gently open your chest and support your head if you like. Let your arms open by your side with palms facing the up. Slide your shoulders away from your ears and breathe deep.

To learn more ways to recover from long rides attend my class this Sunday!
Rest and Relaxation Workshop

Sunday 2/25, 2-4pm
Garfield Community
2323 E Cherry Street
$15 for the class

Please register now to secure a spot! Call 206-684-4788

*Warning do not do pose next to a door…like in the photo above. But do get a bike map to plan fun bike rides!

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