Crafty Kids & Community Art

So, this may not have to do with yoga or bicycles, but it is a class I am teaching this fall. As you may note from my previous posts, that I am an art history nerd and crafty. (I was actually planning a career in museum education before I started teaching yoga.)

Creative kids need a way to express themselves! In this new class offered through the Garfield Community Center at the Madrona Shelterhouse kids will get a chance to try a variety of arts and crafts mediums, including but not limited to collage, watercolor, yarn and found objects. Each student will receive a sketchbook to encourage drawing and sketching both in and out of class. For one class we will be joined by Coyote Central Director Marybeth Satterlee, for a guided art walk around the neighborhood to learn some of the history behind the public art that distinguishes the Central District. All supplies included.

Sept 21- Oct 26, Wednesdays 4-5pm
Ages 6-10
Activity fee $85

Madrona Shelterhouse
3315 E Spring St
Seattle, WA 98122

Space is limited, so register today!
To Register Call (206) 684-4788

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