Moving Planet: an important step in the right direction

After some seriously devastating news from Kenya about a pipeline leaking oil and exploding killing “at least 75” people, we really have to think about our dependance on fossil fuels. Not only is this an issue about cars burning fossil fuels, but also an industrialized food system that reeks of petroleum and an ocean full of plastic trash. Seriously. What are we gonna do about this? Sometimes things get pretty overwhelming and all the sun salutations in the world are not going to change things alone. We have to really ask ourselves what we value as people and as a community.

I believe fun and inspiring events like Moving Planet,  a worldwide event on September 24th, can really help us move away from fossil fuels and towards new possibilities.  Moving Planet Seattle has a whole line up of events looks incredible, educational and empowering. The day begins by people getting to South Lake Union park in non-fossil fueled kinda ways, like skateboarding, paddle boarding and of course biking.

10- 12: Take Action Workshops on Transportation for Washington and Power Past Coal @ China Harbor

10am-2pm: Get Active & Learn More @ Lake Union Park
Expect food, demonstrations and lots of fun as we celebrate the joy of moving around. My friends at WASUP Yoga, Bike Works and many more will all be there. I will be offering a sample bike ride warm-up and showing you how to use your bicycle as a prop. There will also be lots of food and community



4:30-6pm: Engage in Environmental Justice

One of the things I also really like about this event, is that it is not only a celebration but is presenting politicians a clear set of demands that include a rapid change to zero carbon emissions and lifting the rights of people over polluters. We are beyond our deadline to change our gas guzzling ways…so lets get moving, we have a lot of work to do.


One response to “Moving Planet: an important step in the right direction

  1. Kelli, thanks for doing Yoga for Bikers classes at #MovingPlanetSeattle I’m sure they will be awesome!

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