Move your body artfully in the sculpture park!

Free Ride Sept 18

This Sunday September 18th at 10am meet me in the lovely Olympic Sculpture Park by the Richard Serra piece, Wake.  We will warm up our bodies for a scenic ride to Golden Gardens where we will go deeper into our Yoga practice with the lapping waves of the Puget Sound as our sound track. Then we will blissfully return to the Sculpture Park. Oh, and if you are down you can always bike with me over to the Madrona Shelter house and take my Rest & Relaxation class from 2-4pm, for slow moving, deep stretching and guided meditation. (a.k.a. Pure bliss after a bike ride). 

Practicing yoga outside really connects you the the true meaning of yoga, which is union, connecting to not only your body to your breath, but also you to the whole outside world. I am an art nerd and so is Jamison, our supportive bike mechanic. We are meeting by this Serra piece because it is designed specifically to connect the viewers with their body and and space. May Serra’s intentions for the work help inspire our own yoga practice!

Richard Serra, Wake 2004

What’s important is you moving between them, through them, and around them as they undulate; it’s your body moving in relation to their surface that moves.

Richard Serra

Olympic Sculpture Park
2901 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121



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