YoCycle Summer Offerings

Free Yoga + Bike Rides

Summer is sneaking up…the days are getting longer and the weather is perfect for bike riding. I am teaming up with YoCycle again to offer free bike rides  and yoga.  Suitable for ANY LEVEL rider or yogi. These fully supported Bike rides go from park to park around Seattle with yoga along the way. Learn Yoga you can use before, during & after biking  and relax knowing that you have the support of a professional bike mechanic and yoga instructor.

Rides meet @ 10am on Sunday around Seattle, locations set the week before. 

Sun 5/22 – Sun 6/12 – Sun 6/19 – Sun 7/3 – Sun 7/13 – Aug & Sept Rides TBA

Sign up for ride notifications here.

YoCycle Workshops

We have expanded to offer a cyclist’s toolkit class that features yoga to maintain your body and tips from a professional bike mechanic to maintain your bicycle. We offer three different classes for different riders, or you can take all three classes since the information builds on each class.

The Basics: This is a great class for folks who are new to cycling, yoga or maybe both. In this 2.5 hr workshop we will cover stretches that help cyclists prepare for a ride, basic bike safety and how to fix a flat on the road, as well as how to balance your body after a ride.  Saturday June 25th, 10am Register Here

The Commuter: This class will feature a discussion with a bicycle lawyer who will lay out the rules of the road as they apply to cyclists. We will also feature more tips on how to fix a bike without tools and more yoga. The park to park format is a great way to get used to integrating yoga and bike maintenance on the bike path. Saturday July 23rd, 10am Register Here

Fitting & Alignment: In this class we will explore alignment in both the body and the bicycle. In yoga alignment helps us move efficiently by working with the structure of the human body, in this class we will apply the alignment principles to riding a bicycle. Then a professional fitter shows you how to find the best  fit for your body. Saturday August 20th, 10am Register Here

One response to “YoCycle Summer Offerings

  1. Yocycle.com is having technical difficulties so I’ve rerouted the signup form for the basics/ tips n tricks class (1st 2 people get a free tool pouch!!!)

    sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/6b9ybo3


    Jamison@ yocycle.com

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