Reflections on Gratitude

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and in snowy Seattle I am sure many people are thankful for safety and warmth. It has been few crazy days with icy hills, but has also offered a nice time to nest in with cups of cider or go for a snowy stroll or snowball fight. There are many things to be grateful for this early winter, loved ones and food are among my most favorites.

So I have been working on Gratitude in Motion, with fellow Yoga Behind Bars volunteers for the past few months, and finally tomorrow is the big day. Yoga all morning and feasting all evening. Months reflecting on gratitude have really helped shift my perspective on everyday life things. Gratitude does set things in motion, when you become aware of all the abundance you have (skills, connections,  community, art, etc.) the more you are willing to share. Gratitude breathes generosity, giving and connection. You start to see possibility and challenge instead of defeat. Gratitude works well with yoga, helping build awareness and fostering love.

My herbalism teacher Julie, of Crow’s Daughter Mystery School shared with me an affirmations CD from her teacher Toni Stone. Toni offers a challenge of writing 1000 gratitudes, 1000 things, people and experiences you are thankful for. So far I am on 87, I am excited to keep writing. I would like to encourage you to spend time writing what you are thankful for, or at least share it with others tomorrow.

See you in class for a heart-opening class at Backside Bow 5227 Ballard Ave NW 9-10:30am, with free childcare!

All proceeds go to Yoga Behind Bars!

“Gratitude is the memory of the Heart”

~ French Proverb

“One of the virtues that could bring life up a notch is gratitude …a feeling of thankfulness and the grateful actions that result from it. it seems there isn’t anyone who doesn’t require a reminder to express and feel more gratitude…resentment, worry and complaining have taken over the space where thankfulness might abide.”

~Toni Stone

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