Yoga for Kids & families

This fall I am offering two new Yoga for Kids classes. Hop like a bunny, bark like a dog, soar like a bird…..These energetic and creative classes will provide kids with the opportunity to express themselves! Through connecting traditional yoga poses to nature, stories, dance, music, and art children will learn body and breath awareness, relaxation techniques, build self confidence and strength, all the while improving focus and concentration. Following a non-competitive and collective class model children will be encouraged to ‘get the wiggles out’! In the Family Yoga class we invite invite parents to play, too!

Thursdays Oct 7th-28th

Yoga for Kids @ The Fremont Abbey, 4-4:45pm Ages 5+

Family Yoga @ The Garfield Community Center 6-7pm Ages 3+, Children $10, Adults $15

In my Yoga is for Everyone class at Yesler Terrace Community Center, ages 12 and up are welcome. This is a beginning level class that will guide you through the basic foundations of yoga. Session only

Oct.6th-27th, 6:30-7:30pm, $36

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