Seattle Bike Blog: giving cyclists the news they need

As a cyclist, it would be great to have a news source targeted at all things local and bike related, ranging from hazardous intersections, fun pedal powered creations to updates from the SDOT, and more. Seattle Bike Blog is the new news resource for cyclists. Granted, I am biased about the launch of the blog because my sweetie, Tom Fucoloro is the creator of it. I am excited to see Tom take on this project because he is a great journalist and an innovative blogger.

Tom noticed that there was a void in the Seattle bike blog world of a news based site, one that goes beyond following up bike trends, races or advocacy. While all bike blogs are cool inherently because they are about bikes, this one aims at bridging the gap between all types of cyclists from the racer to the bike messenger to the casual commuter. There are a few things I am excited to see like an RSS feed keeping track of all stolen bikes, in hopes to help reconnect them with owners and video footage of scary intersections with tips on how to navigate them.

Happy Reading

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