Happy Solstice!

Burried deep in someones flikr account my sweetie found this picture of me and my friend Nick (painted like corn) from the parade Saturday.

Saturday morning was cold and damp, but that didn’t stop over 400 bikers from riding naked before the Fremont Solstice Parade.

It was so fun to wake up with my good friend Ashley and roll on over to Roxy’s for breakfast and then paint each other @ Hale’s Ales.

My painting was inspired by what else, but chakras. (I am a nerd.) The roots down my legs are for the root chakra of course. The sacral chakra is orange waves, since that chakra is all about fluidity, sexuality and water. The solar plexus, seat of the third chakra is depicted with the sun, most prominently featured on my back in honor of the summer solstice. The heart chakra reaches down my arms with green vines, representing growing love. Breath and gusts of wind blow on my throat chakra, symbolizing creativity and voice. A purple lotus in on my forehead, representing both my third eye and crown chakra.

The whole parade was phenomenal. I love the creativity in Fremont. What an inspiring place to live!

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