Bike Maintenance: Fixing A Flat

In my last post, Getting Grounded, I explored a few yoga poses that are good for the root chakra. Today I want to post a video on fixing a flat, the most rudimentary and essential bike maintenance skill. For my yoga for bikers poster, I depicted the root chakra as a bike wheel. I choose this because the wheel is what keeps the bike on the ground, and it also is the initial ¨disk¨of the bicycle, like the root chakra.

I like the following video cause it is a little funky and super informative!

The one thing this video leaves out is how to apply the patch. Get a patch kit containing patches, glue and sand paper, from your favorite bike shop. Once your tube is removed and hole located, sand the area around the hole. Place glue over the sanded area (should be a little bigger than the size of the patch). Let the glue dry for five minutes. Remove the  aluminum side from the patch and firmly place it over the hole. Remove any plastic from the patch. You are ready to go.

Also, remember that videos edit out any struggle from the process. Sometimes, especially road tires can be a total pain to change. Try not get frustrated and take a few deep breaths if need be. Good luck, safe riding!

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