Spiral Fractures

My lovely purple cast

So, I have not been writing very much on my blog because I had a bike crash on the Montlake Bridge a few weeks ago and fractured my 4th metacarpal.  All in all, I am doing just fine. I am eternally thankful to the strangers who stopped the car and helped me. I have learned that you be especially careful to avoid all metal grates and try a new route a few times before venturing out at night in the rain.

While at first having a cast on was really difficult, it improved the dexterity in my left hand. I am also having to learn patience and humility in asking for help. Also, I am spending A LOT more time on the bus and cannot wait to get back on my bike.

I am healing really well and will have the cast taken off in three weeks, nearly half the expected time. I am teaching with my cast on, so don’t worry, you can still attend all my classes. I have also just updated my class schedule for the rest of May and June. Look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

Much Love,


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