Fremont I <3 You

Fremont Troll

Today I walked around Fremont, my neighborhood, putting up new fliers for my class at the Fremont Abbey. All of the public art, especially the troll, makes each walk magical and charming. I loved strolling along the Burke-Gilman and stopping into all of the great places downtown.  It was great chatting with folks and getting to know more people in the neighborhood.

Yoga and bikes can definitely bring together community. Yoga classes offer the space to meet new people and build new friendships. While biking on my regular routes I often see the same cyclists pass by. Sure it may be hard to start up a conversation with fellow bikers, but you at least have a chance to share a smile or a few words at stoplights. Plus, there are always fun people hanging around your favorite bike shop. Being outside and supporting your local community centers, gyms, studios and bike shops you are not only investing in the local economy, but also investing in your community.

Fremont I love how supportive and proud you are for your neighborhood!

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